Happy customer – Entrepreneur

A cake says more than a thousand words! And tastes much better ;). Read about how our team got a sweet reward.

Sometimes a cake says more than a thousand words! This week, a happy customer sent a custom made cake to TTT! A beautiful and tasty piece of art. This was an ultimate reward for a great project were we helped a client with solving a delicate and complex issue.

No customer like a happy customer

Picture of a cake

In the tender process, TTT was selected as the service provider. We were not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive bidder. But we were the one with the best “click”.

In the process of solving the issue, we apply (statistical) analysis methods and forensic like research. In negotiations with third parties we reached an agreement that was far beyond expectations for our clients, and acceptable for all stakeholders involved.

What we can do for you

Sometimes taxpayers end up in trouble. Sometimes but in many situations just negligence. Forgetting filing deadlines, misunderstanding of rules or accidentally incorrectly filed tax returns. No matter the reason, issues are there to be solved.

Our approach may help you in a number of situations, for instance:

  • Filing Dutch tax returns after missing (multiple) filing deadlines
  • Reporting unreported taxes (for instance Swiss bank accounts)
  • International tax audits
  • FIOD investigations