Mr Shane X – Former Shell expat living in Dubai

Okay, What can we add… Literally, our client said: “Hiring TTT-group was one of the best decisions I ever made”. That is something…


This is an interesting and explicit referral of one of our clients, which we are pleased to share with you. Shane was recommended to us by, a Dutch leading professional services firm for entrepreneurs. We helped him solve a dispute with the Dutch tax authorities.


Shane is a former Shell expat. He was hired to the Netherlands and rapidly re-assigned by his employer to other countries abroad. Then he was conftronted by Dutch bureaucracy…:

“The Dutch Tax Man mistakenly charged my 60,000 euros incorrectly. Everything I tried with them met with no helpful response. Everything was ‘Niet Mogelijk’ despite the face I was not living in Holland during the years I was being charged. I hired TTT-group. After months of their diligence, creativity and knowledge of the system, it turned out the Dutch Tax Man actually owed me a few thousand euros. Hiring TTT-group was one of the best decisions I ever made”

Resolution of dispute with the Dutch tax authorities

Of course there is something to every story. So with interest in the case, full attention to Shane and respect for authorities, we digged in to this case. Despite Shane’s distance to the Netherlands, we made sure he got heard and we visited the Dutch tax authorities in order to understand their point of view.

After our investigation, we made a full reconciliation of the taxable income. Then we sent a proposal to the Dutch tax authorities. They agreed on major points but still made a few technical mistakes with considerable impact. We then decided to file a formal letter of objection to make sure our position was fully followed. This was eventually and fully accepted. Besides the financial result this closed a long pending case, satisfactory for both the client and the tax authorities.