Alessio Vezza – owner ketka B.V.

“As a foreign national, what do I know about Dutch laws? TTT Group helped me determine the best option, set up my company in the Netherlands and takes care of my compliance. And I can flourish my business.”

More and more independent entrepreneurs. Also foreign!

With the ZZP trend in the Netherlands, also more and more foreign independent workers are attracted. Naturally, those individuals have no, to limited knowledge of the Dutch tax system and rules and what formalities they will have to fulfil. And that is a lot.

But how do you learn a topic that is boring, in a foreign language and distracting you from what you really want to do? With TTT BV Services, you are in the right place!

Timing is everything

We see a trend that in many situations people come to the Netherlands first, and then start wondering about the tax implications later. Of course, this especially applies for workers with an EU nationality who have the freedom to move.

Be aware that as soon as you enter the Netherlands, the Dutch jurisdiction will apply to you. This means you may be confronted with tax consequences, without knowing it! Our strong recommendation is to consult an advisor before you move to the Netherlands. And this also helps to avoid loosing potential benefits for good. See below!

To BV or not BV

Basically their are two ways of doing business in the Netherlands as an independent worker: conduct it as an entrepreneur for income tax purposes (the business is seen as an extension of their private tax position), or conducting business via a BV (an incorporated entity). Generally for starting entrepreneurs the first will be more beneficial than the latter.

However, there is a tipping point where it becomes more interesting for an entrepreneur to do his or her business via a BV. This tipping point may however be a significant lower net revenue for foreign entrepreneurs if they are eligible for the 30% ruling. The 30% ruling reduces the maximum Dutch tax rate from 52% to 36,4%.  The 30% ruling can only be applied to employees. Director-shareholders are regarded as employees of their own BV. Therefore this is a opportunity is a privilige for independent workers conducting business via a BV.

Note there are more conditions. For instance, the employee should be hired from abroad. Therefore the BV should be set up (or in establishment) before an independent worker comes to the Netherlands. Hence, timing is everything!

But there is another catch. If you don’t get the 30% ruling when you enter the Netherlands, it is unlikely you will ever get it. Therefore, independent workers who wants to remain flexible in terms of their career paths do good to explore this option as well.

Our BV Services

At TTT we help entrepreneurs from abroad set-up their business and become familiar with the Dutch tax system and their fiscal obligations. We do this in person and take the time for that. We use simple and clear language and lot’s of practical examples. In addition our BV services are aimed to completely unburden our clients, who have other things to focus on, such as on boarding in and getting familiar with the Netherlands with their family, and setting up their business.

TTT Group provides a wide variety of services in relation to the BV.

Start-up phase

  • Explanation of the Dutch tax system and obligations;
  • Determination whether the 30% ruling may be obtained;
  • Determination of the most profitable scenario;
  • Work permits*;
  • Incorporation of the BV*;
  • Employment contract;
  • Wage tax registration;
  • Application for the 30% ruling;


  • Monthly payroll administration;
  • Corporate administration;
  • VAT returns;
  • Annual statements;
  • Corporate income tax returns*;

* For those scenario’s we work with partner companies. We will ensures seamless integration.

We offer transparent, fixed and competitive pricing and service with a personal touch.