Tax Compliance Services

What are compliance services?

If consulting is Ying, compliance is Yang. It means everything you have to do, register, report or file in order to “comply” with local laws and legislation. In the world of HR, this means dealing with employers and employee obligations. Or when working with TTT, having it dealt with!


  • Seamless integration of consulting and compliance
  • Have the comfort of knowing it is taken care-off
  • Fixed all-inclusive rate, no surprises
  • Passion to unburden you

Income tax return preparation

One tax return is not the other, especially not in international situations.

Fiscal residency? Foreign tax relief? Partial non-residency regime? Migration and your Dutch house? International allocation of stock option income of termination payments? Believe the tax authorities are pre-filling your tax return? Not really.

The experts at TTT have over 25 years of experience with the preparation of complex tax income tax returns and make sure taxpayers are both saving tax EURO’s and being compliant at the some time.

Expat compliance packages

In- and outbound employees require tax support before, during and sometimes even after their assignments. TTT provides attractive compliance packages including tax briefings, tax return preparation and tax equalisation. Your employee will be in good hands.

A1 and Certificate of Coverage

Social security consequences in cross borders work situations can be complex. Luckily, EU rules or treaties make it often possible to remain exclusively covered by the Dutch scheme. Something employees appreciate. But always have an A1 or Certificate of Coverage on file!

Application for the 30% ruling

The 30% ruling is a Dutch wage tax facility for employees hired from abroad. Based on the ruling, the maximum tax rate can be reduced from 52% to 36.4%. And the ruling also has other benefits for the employee!

The first step is to make a correct evaluation of eligibility, preferably before the employee come to the Netherlands. Subsequently, it is important to apply for the ruling in time, to avoid. Once granted, proper implementation in the payroll administration is a must. Besides penalties, the 30% ruling may be lost for ever!

We know the 30% ruling like no other. Use it to your benefit.

Payroll services

Payroll administration can be extremely complex, especially in the case of cross-border working. Besides the complexity of the applicable rules, the systems are usually not designed for this. And the compensation and benefits package agreed is often not standard. Only few organisations have the very specific knowledge in house required to manage this process. TTT-Group is there for all others.

TTT offers various solutions for expat and regular payroll administration, using modern NMBRS software.

Immigration and Visa

Work permits, residence permits, Visa. It can be complex to obtain the required documentation for your employees to work in the Netherlands. TTT-Group works closely together with the experts of Expat Management Group to ensure compliance in this important area.

Other compliance services

TTT-Group can assist you with a number of other compliance activities and formalities, such as tax equalisation calculations, wage tax registrations, corresponding approvals for foreign pension schemes and shift of wage tax obligations from a foreign group entity to your Dutch subsidiary.

BV/ZZP Services

As an entrepreneur, you want to focus on what you do best. And small change (no offence) that that is administration and taxes.

And as entrepreneurs ourselves, we totally understand that. Luckily, tax, HR and finance are our expertises and our drive is to unburden our clients! Therefore we offer comprehensive BV/ZZP packages, including administration, payroll and tax returns. A one-stop-shop model with clear and competitive rates.

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You are at the right address. There is a lot of frustration in the market with the service of Big Four offices and the quality of other providers. Unburdening our clients is one of our core values. Because we have interim experience, we can better put ourselves in your shoes.

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Done with paying those absurd fees

Too often the link between value and price seems to be lost by Big Four providers and other firms. We apply three basic principles. We keep our cost base low. We use  fixed and clear rates for compliance. And we factor in your perceived value just as much as our time spent.


“For our expats PwC, for all our local hires TTT”

Sometimes it can be difficult to use other than a Big Four providers for your global expat population. However, many Dutch companies also hire employees from abroad on a local contract. Often they want to provide them with some form of tax  support, for instance with 30% ruling applications and first year(s) tax support.