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Taxation of employment income or cross-border work situations is complex. Taxpayers are not only at risk of being non-compliant with local rules, but also of paying double taxes or missing out on tax opportunities. We have devoted our careers to help people like you navigate through with success. Our simple adagio is plan before you leap.


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Expat Income Tax Advice

Per definition a cross border tax situation is complex, as the employee is usually confronted with at least two jurisdictions. Where you I pay taxes? How do I do that? What is the impact on my personal deductions and investment? Can I get the 30% ruling? Where should wage taxes be withheld? What about my social security position?

The TTT team combines over 40 years of Big Four experience with these type of questions and will help you understand, comply and plan with Dutch and international tax rules.

National Wage Tax Advice

Did you know that wage tax (or payroll tax) is the highest contributing tax on the Dutch government budget? Employers act as tax collector for the government. And have to follow strict, detailed and complex rules in order to calculate the amounts to be withheld and paid. Optimising your compensation and benefits plans can help you lower your cost base, increase the reward of your employees and limit the risks of you as a company.

Do you want to know where your organisations has opportunities? One of our experienced consultants is pleased to visit you.

Tax Control Framework

A Tax Control Framework helps you set tax goals, identify the risks that may jeopardise success, define controls to avoid or limit those risks and monitor the performance of your payroll tax function. The Dutch tax authorities demand a Tax Control Framework as a pre-requisite for agreeing on horizontal monitoring.
TTT has a broad experience with supporting companies in the development, testing and implementation of national and global payroll control frameworks.

Executive Tax Services

For a select group of clients, we provide an exclusive and discrete tax planning and compliance solution. Individuals with a prominent position in our society, high earners and high net worth individuals.

For each individual we review the position from multiple angles as income tax planning, place of residence, wealth tax and succession planning, to come to an integrated approach. As we can deliver most compliance services in house, we can deliver an integrated service from planning to execution.

Wage Tax Scan

Do you want to know the risks and opportunities of your organisation in the area of wage tax? The strengths and weaknesses in your process? And how to make an effective plan to improve where required?

TTT consultants have an efficient process and proven experience to evaluate the current status, define an action plan and support you in the implementation of improvements.

Wage Tax Audit Support

By experience we can tell that not many companies graduate with an “A”. And that is not necessarily a bad thing, wage tax is complex and mistakes are made in each organisation, at any place. But it shouldn’t impact your organisation more than necessary. Having professional support will save your organisation time, limit the scope of the audit and is likely to save you money in the final tax settlement agreements.

Taxation of Bonus and Equity

Taxation of Bonus and Equity payments differs per country. In cross-border situations,

There are many specific rules and pitfalls in relation to termination payments and taxes. No seldom, companies are confronted with higher costs than expected and unnecessary. Don’t be one of them.

International Payroll Tax Advice

In international situations, expats may receive custom compensation packages based on an international assignment policy. The may remain on their home country payroll, but also may receive a portion of their income via the host country payroll. In addition they may receive fringe benefit and cost reimbursement.

How do you determine your reporting requirements, that you make sure you capture all relevant data and that you process this in line with the requirements?

TTT has the answers, not only in a specific case, but also in the form of a solid process to handle what comes your way.

Bonus and Equity payments

Taxation of Bonus and Equity payments differs per country. In cross-border situations, international allocation may be required and tax treaties may determine which rules prevail. TTT helps you understand, plan and comply with the rules, including the management of trailing liabilities.

Taxation of Termination Payments

Is your company making a termination payment? Have you evaluated the impact of the pseudo penalty tax in the Netherlands? Considered the impact of garden leave on the application of the 30% ruling? For expats and international workers, have you analysed the impact of international allocation?

There are many specific rules and pitfalls in relation to termination payments and taxes. No seldom, companies are confronted with higher costs than expected and unnecessary. Don’t be one of them.

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Dispute resolution with the Dutch tax authorities (“inkeer”)

A taxpayer decides to come clean with the Dutch tax authorities, after having not reported foreign assets for many years. In those situations, reconciling the accrual of the assets is crucial, to avoid the assets being considered as taxable income against marginal tax rates.

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