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Get the most out of your mobility program

Global mobility is an important instrument that international companies can deploy to gain a competitive advantage. Our global mobility experts are aimed at helping you develop better policies on one hand and better execute them on the other.


  • Highly experienced team
  • Technical strong yet pragmatic
  • Competitive pricing
  • Passion to unburden and contribute

Mobility Strategy Design

Begin with the end in mind. Journey to discover the Global Mobility needs of your organisation, how it can support your business strategy and how it should be embedded in HR and Talent Management policies.

Mobility Process Design

A solid process ensures a high quality in execution of mobility related tasks and ensures work gets done in an efficient way. We help global mobility departments improve quality and reduce administrative cost.

Mobility Policy Design

Your Global Mobility Policy should support your Global Mobility objectives. Our experts review and benchmark existing policies and develop new policies for each type of global mobility required for your company to do business.

GM Control Framework

The Global Mobility Control Framework is a conceptual model that helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your Global Mobility program and operating model, manage risks and set goals to further improve over time.

Mobility Program management

Global Mobility is a niche and requires very specific skills. Companies wanting to focus on core activities may consider outsourcing (part of) their global mobility processes. But there are more options to consider!

Interim GM Staffing

Your mobility manager or consultant going on maternity leave, sabbatical or simply leaving your company? Or having a temporary peak in relocation load? TTT delivers excellent staff to support you when needed.

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Dealing with global mobility for the first time

What compensation should we give? What costs should be reimbursed? Do we have a payroll obligation in the host? What about social security? We take you by the hand and make sure you can focus on what you planned to do. Doing business abroad!

We are:

Assigning employees to the Netherlands

Any idea how complex one can make tax and immigration law? Very. But don’t be intimidated. We know the global mobility rules like no other. Visa rules, income tax, payroll, social security. Our experts will make sure your employees touch the ground running.

Our company is:

Moving headquarters to the Netherlands

The business rationale can be obvious, but how do you manage the people aspects? Especially if you do not have a mature HR team in the Netherlands yet, our “boots on the ground” make a difference and can help you and your people on-board quickly.

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G-Star Raw

Please call us. We’d love you as a client.

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Improve ROI of my assignments

International assignments can be expensive. But in the end, do they cost or contribute? Measuring the return on investment is the first step. Enhancing from there the second. Our three-step-scan provides you the insights to get there.

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None of those!

If you stayed on our site long enough to read this, we are sure there is something we can help you with. Feel free to give us a call!


Improvement of global expat compensation reporting

A Dutch listed company required expert advice on further improvement of global expat compensation reporting. Read about the considerations of our client, the challenges of the project and the results accomplished.

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