Mobility Process Design

Global Mobility Landscape

Mobility Process Design results in a set of deliverables that help our clients better execute their processes and obtain the results they are aiming for. Depending on the underlying objectives, the deliverables can have the form of:

  • – Roles and Responsibility matrices (RASCI)
  • – Process flows;
  • – Process documentation and/or handbook;
  • – System configuration and/or implementation recommendations;
  • – Functional requirements reports of new systems to be developed (or even a working Proof Of Concepts (POC) of the desired tooling).

In below case we made a system and data landscape with the purpose of developing a global uniform expat payroll reporting process. This framework can be used for process harmonisation, expat payroll compensation reporting system implementation etc. The methodology to develop a company specific landscape is standardised, so that this project can be executed efficiently.