About us

Total employer and employee solutions

We are a team of highly experienced tax and HR professionals. Grown up in corporate worlds. Where there always was a focus on revenue and production. But not on clients. We saw an opportunity to become different. 

We started TTT-Group. Where the T in our name stands for Total. Because we believe in end-to-end solutions. With Total commitment, Total care and True value for our clients. Now we bring everything we learned and experienced to pursue our own ambitions. And that is to deliver a reinvigorating client experience to those who dare to demand what a client deserves.

Meet our management team

Our clients are diverse and exciting. But they all experience an advisor who is a human being. One that truly aims to unburden them. To innovate and think different. To deliver top quality advice. But also knows how to translate it into practical action. And results.

In our world, service provider is written SERVICE provider.

We are lean. No fancy cars, no trophy office. No bureaucracy (or better: bureaucrazy!). But we allow ourselves good coffee and are happy to share with you.

This combination makes us successful. Because it simply means great value for you.

Team TTT Group

Team TTT Group